We offer a wide variety of courses that will support your development throughout your career with us at and provide you with the necessary skills to perform your job role with optimum efficiency. The entry level qualification for all apprentices is the Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools Level 2, with many other courses being offered thereafter. The following lists some of the courses we currently have on offer once the above qualification has been completed:

  • Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools Level 3
  • Higher Level Teaching Assistant Level 4
  • Team Leading & Management Level 2, 3, 4 and 5

Please note that the majority of these qualifications will require you to complete Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT at Level 2; however this will be completed during the apprenticeship.

Job Information

All employees at will start as an apprentice where they will achieve the Level 2 Supporting Teaching & Learning in School qualification listed above. The apprenticeship will last for no less than a year, during which time each apprentice will be evaluated to determine their first instructor grade. Instructor grades are determined by a variety of qualities that we will look for in each apprentice to ensure a high quality of service is maintained. Once an initial instructor grade has been determined it will be regularly reviewed to continue personal development and make sure instructors are consistently challenged. The grading system for instructors is from 1 to 15 with potential management opportunities being offered as you progress.

Once we feel an individual has achieved all they can from the instructor role within the company then there are potential management opportunities that will eventually lead on to director roles. The management grading system follows a similar structure to that of the instructor grades, but with the qualities and demands of the job being different. Alongside the job itself the individual will gain valuable managerial experience and qualifications to ensure they are able to cope with the change of responsibilities.